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e-Foodtech Future – Edible packaging has attracted the attention of the last few years because of its advantages and advantages over synthetic coatings. The advantage of edible packaging is that it can protect food products, the original appearance of the product can be maintained and can be eaten immediately, and safe for the environment.

This edible packaging is one of the new environmentally friendly innovations. What exactly is edible packaging? Edible packaging innovation is the manufacture of food packaging that can be consumed. Made from natural ingredients combined with the use of technology so that it can make food packaging that can be eaten also by consumers. The third type of environmentally friendly food packaging is edible packaging packaging innovation.

The beginning of the emergence of edible packaging is none other than the use of packaging that is not environmentally friendly. Thus, many studies have tried to find alternative solutions to replace plastic. Edible packaging is one of the future food packaging that is now being introduced to the world.

Edible packaging can be grouped into two parts, namely those that function as edible coatings and those in the form of sheets (edible film). Edible coatings are widely used for coating frozen meat products, semi-wet foods (intermediate moisture foods), confectionery products, frozen chicken, seafood products, sausages, fruits, and medicines, especially for coating capsules.

Circulation of products is also still rarely found in the market, so there are still many consumers who do not know about it. It is hoped that in the future we will be able to switch to this new type of packaging. Edible packaging is made by utilizing materials available in nature such as wax, cellulose, CMC, plasticizers, and water.

In the manufacturing process is also quite easy, namely by preparing the ingredients properly in order to produce edible packaging. In addition, the use of crab and shrimp shell waste can also be used for making this package because it contains compounds called chitin and chitosan.

Kavadya Syska, Coordinator of Food Technology Study Program, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Nahdlatul Ulama Purwokerto said that edible packaging is very safe for consumption and does not cause side effects. However, further research is still needed to find out the level of safety. Until, ready to be developed to industrial scale. Even though this packaging has actually been found in sausage products, its use is still combined with plastic packaging. This package can also be useful as an agent for enhancing product shelf life because air circulation to the material is minimal, so that the respiration process can be suppressed. In addition, combination with antioxidants can also be done to increase the functional properties of packaged food.


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