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e-Foodtech Future – The huge potential of the Indonesian food market causes business people from various parts of the world from Europe, America and Asia to flock to target the most potential markets in the world after China and India. Businesses in Indonesia are expected to be more able to take advantage of this domestic market opportunity, because in principle, local food industry players are the most aware of the interests, dreams and needs of the people / consumers of Indonesia.

This domestic business potential is a hidden and relatively new potential, which is segmented in various groups of individuals. Each of these segments turned out to give different reactions to various types of marketing programs. That is why, it is a must for business people to understand and explore the characteristics of existing market segments. One of the new potentials is the Indonesian consumer group called the Yuppie Couple or professional young couple who live in big cities. In the midst of the rise of consumers, a potential segment to be approached is the Yuppie Couple group, which accounts for 3-5% of the total urban population.

They are the strength of Indonesia’s economy in the future, and the driving force of consumer power. The purchasing power of this elite community group is quite strong because it is supported by its strong salary. This is shown from the results of research that shows these young professional young couples often hang out in malls or cafes at least twice a week.

The Coordinator of the Food Technology Study Program, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Nahdlatul Ulama Purwokerto, Kavadya Syska said that in terms of handling food consumption, they tend to want something that is practical. This is reflected in the high penetration rates of microwave and refrigerator products, reaching 100% and 88%. With these two electronic devices, food products purchased can be cooked or heated immediately. If not used, it can be stored in the refrigerator. That is why these two electronic facilities are absolutely owned by these young executives. This has become one of the important guidelines for food producers to design products that are easy to handle using a microwave and practical. Durable food products when stored in refrigerators also have great potential to enter this special segment.

In the case of the decision making process to buy a product, product quality is the main thing and can not be negotiable. Only after the quality is appropriate, the two young professional couples will discuss and complement each other information sourced from friends or the internet network that they have – before finally it is decided together to buy the product.

Because it has a very specific character, so to reach this specific market very special approach is needed too. The six keys to marketing success in order to enter the Yuppie Couple segment are: (1) Maintaining quality, which is a major factor for them, (2) Their willingness to pay more, for convenience, (3) They are very concerned about the concept of modernity and freedom, (4) They pay attention to brands with harmonious design choices, (5) approaches through different media, namely through network marketing, (6) They are business people, so it is very necessary to have convincing marketing communication and enter reason.

Although it is quite complicated to explore the character of the Yuppie Couple, but this will be in accordance with the results obtained. This is because they are a group of very potential consumers and have high purchasing power. “They are the main drivers of the nation’s economy in the future, of course, after the Covid-19 pandemic era ends.


Sources: interviews and references analysis

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